Military-grade, ultra-compact and highly rugged, VITEC’s TOUGH series of portable HEVC & H.264 streaming encoders deliver all the required capabilities for any Surveillance, Intelligence and Reconnaissance (ISR) or Situational Awareness (SA) mission for manned / unmanned aircraft, ground or marine vehicles.

Full Motion Video delivered with 
MGW TOUGH Portable Encoders

MGW Diamond TOUGH is a Military Grade HEVC & H.264 Quad Channel HD/SD encoder for ground vehicles and aircraft.
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MGW Pico+ TOUGH is a miniature, power-efficient MIL STD certified HEVC and H.264 rugged video encoder.
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MGW Pico TOUGH is the world's smallest, most power-efficient rugged MPEG-4 H.264 HD/SD video encoder
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Rugged, MIL-STD certified H.264 HD/SD Encoder featuring low latency video streaming for ISR and SA
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With MGW Pico TOUGH, MGW Pico+ TOUGH, MGW Nano TOUGH and MGW Diamond TOUGH, VITEC provides a versatile and complete product line of rugged HEVC & H.264 IP encoders to fulfill the most stringent FMV applications. Specifically designed for harsh environments, MGW TOUGH encoders provide high quality, low latency video encoding as well as encryption and frame accurate KLV metadata ingest and stream compliance with JITC and STANAG 4609 standards. For streaming over lossy transmission links such as satellite or RF, MGW TOUGH encoders protect video, audio and KLV metadata to ensure valuable ISR content is delivered with no artefacts or interruptions.

For more information about VITEC’s Cutting Edge FMV Situational Awareness and ISR Systems for Field Applications and UAS, see Situational Awareness & ISR Solution.

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Canadian Department of National Defence

Canadian Department of National Defence

Winning this DND contract demonstrates VITEC’s position as a leading provider of IP video streaming technologies and its successful strategy in designing and delivering high-quality, low-bandwidth tactical video solutions that meet the highly stringent specifications of surveillance and military markets.

Richard Bernard
Product Manager VITEC
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