Suitable to IP video projects, openGear, delivers reliability and performance for continuous operation, with adaptive cooling, redundant power supplies and hot swappable capability. The platform offers the freedom to choose technology from a wide range of products for the sports, enterprise and broadcast markets. VITEC provides IP encoding and decoding openGear cards to address dense IPTV applications such as remote production, contribution, distribution, full motion video and more.

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MGW Diamond+ OG
Multi-codec, Broadcast-grade 4K/Multichannel HD openGear® Encoder Card
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MGW Diamond OG
4K & Multi-Channel HD SDI Encoder (HEVC & H.264)
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MGW Diamond-Hx OG
4K & Multi-Channel HD HDMI Encoder (HEVC & H.264)
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T9261-EB OG
Direct-to-Web Encoder
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MGW Ace Decoder OG
Professional low latency 4K HEVC & HD H.264 Decoders
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The openGear flexibility coupled with VITEC openGear cards allow several configurations, such as fitting in a 2RU:

  • x10 UHD HEVC decoder for multichannel / dense decoding applications such as contribution or direct-to-web applications (x10 MGW Ace Decoder OG)
  • x10 UHD HEVC encoder for 4K contribution (x10 MGW Diamond OG)
  • x40 HD HEVC/H.264 encoding channels for IPTV distribution (x10 MGW Diamond OG)
  • x8 HD encoding/decoding channels for full-duplex applications (x2 MGW Diamond OG and x8 MGW Ace Decoder OG)
  • x20 HD HEVC/H.264 encoding channels for IPTV distribution from HDMI (x10 MGW Diamond Hx OG)

OGX chassis delivers:

  • 2RU height
  • Redundant Power supply (as an option)
  • Shared Gigabit Ethernet port for simplified card management and configuration
  • Shared Genlock Reference across cards (x2)
  • Dashboard client software for simplified management of openGear cards and chassis

openGear OGX chassis

  • Operating Temperatures: 5 °C to +40 °C (32°F to 104 °F)
  • Dimensions: 3.5" H x 19" W x 16.82" D (90 mm H x 483 mm W x 427 mm D)
  • Max Power : 600W (45W per 2-slot card)

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