Playout Server

Playout Server

Contribution & Distribution Server


  • Centralized contribution server for simplified stream management
  • Automatically capture and preview unlimited Zixi Protected streams
  • Distribute received streams
  • Support H.264 and low-bandwidth HEVC streams
  • Easy setup, easy to use and scalable
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The VITEC Playout Server allows organizations to deliver content anywhere, anytime. It provides a central location where IPTV streams can be received and transmitted. VITEC Playout Server can receive unlimited Zixi™ protected streams from any network (especially the Internet) and forward them as a user defined multicast or unicast MPEG Transport Stream over UDP (UDP TS) or as a Zixi protected stream.

Used in conjunction with MGW Portable encoders and decoders from VITEC, the platform supports H.264 and bandwidth-efficient HEVC streams with stream protection technology for delivering reliable video streams across lossy networks (up to 30% packet loss) ensuring a consistent video quality and a smooth playback. When used in conjunction with MGW Ace Encoder with its high quality/low bandwidth HEVC Gen2 codec, the platform provides a perfect solution to enable contribution over the Internet and avoids the use of expensive and less flexible fiber or satellite transmission infrastructure, leading to a dramatic reduction of operating expenses (OPEX).

The Playout Server allows simplified content delivery of encoded Digital News Feeds, Government Full Motion Video, House of Worship or Sports Venue channels over lossy networks.


  • Contribution and multi-site content distribution
  • Digital News Gathering from the Internet and field broadcast IP streaming
  • House of Worship, Sports Venues, In-House and Multi-site Distribution
  • Full Motion Video stream management and distribution

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